Membership Fees and Benefits

New Members

New members are invited to come out and try our facilities. There is no cost for the first couple of audit sessions. After this, there is a cost of $3/session until you become a member.

We don't require any particular skill level but we are not really set up to train inexperienced players so if you have never played before we recommend taking lessons in advance or joining with a friend who you can play with as you get up to speed. We also don't supply table tennis rackets so, if you don't have one, please purchase a paddle before coming to play.

Both men and women (or couples) are welcome.

Table Tennis Group Membership Fee

The cost to belong to the Concordia Table Tennis group is $25/year. Participants are also required to become a member of the Concordia Club. You can learn about the benefits and fees associated with becoming a club member at Concordia Club Memberships Concordia Club Memberships.A Table Tennis group Christmas party is held every year


One of the great benefits of table tennis is that you can play your whole life. Some of our members are well into their 80's and still going strong. Table tennis is less prone to causing injuries than most other racket sports.

Lots of Room

We can accommodate up to seven tables as needed. Usually this is plenty to meet the needs of our members so you will rarely have to wait for a spot at a table.

Social Outings

We usually arrange a group picnic or some other social outing during the summer and we have a group dinner at Christmas. These events are heavily subsidised using the funds we earn at Oktoberfest.